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Ruby Selfie


I don't do much ruby these days, but I always loved the object model and nature of self in the language. The more I learned about it, the more cool and fun things I could do. And then there's that special feeling when the infamous extend self and class << self stopped feeling like magic incantations, and just made sense in the context of ruby's object model. It started with the understanding that everything in ruby is an object which is an instance of a class. Even classes themselves are objects that are instances of the class Class.

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To DRY or not to DRY


Very often a misunderstanding or over-eagerness to DRY up your code, when combined with inevitable changing requirements, leads to a complex mess that grinds progress to a halt. How did we get here?

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Why is Legacy a negative word?


Programming might be the only place where “legacy” is a negative word. It seems backwards that we’re an industry where things tend to get worse instead of better as they get older and more people work on them. How does that happen?

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